Is Your Daily Diet Affecting Your Bone Health?

By Lauren S. Johnson

It is no surprise that vitamin D and calcium are responsible for warding off osteoporosis. However, not too many of us are aware of the fact that bone loss can be a result of our daily diet. In today's hectic society a lot of us are way too busy to pay attention to what we eat and the effects that our diet has on our bodies.


We all have gotten so used to popping a multivitamin every morning that we simply don't care about any other valuable means of nutrition.

However, when it comes down to bone health, the diet we consume plays a very crucial role.

One of the ingredients which present a threat to our bones is salt. A recent study has proven that postmenopausal women with a diet rich in salt lose more bone minerals than other women of the same age.
Other research suggests that the high salt intake among Americans is one of the biggest reasons why our bodies need such a large amount of calcium. However, we all know that avoiding salt is nearly impossible given that sodium is a major ingredient in all processed foods. That is why it is important to eat as little processed foods as possible, instead you should try eating more fresh fruit, vegetables and protein (whey protein has been very popular lately).


Another ingredient which presents a threat to our bones in phosphoric acid; this particular compound can be found in majority of our favorite soft drinks. This particular compound causes your body to excrete more calcium when you urinate. And a third ingredient which robs your body of calcium is caffeine. It is a proven fact that our bodies lose six milligrams of calcium for every hundred milligrams of caffeine that we consume. These numbers may not seem significant to someone who consumes an adequate amount of calcium; however, for those of us who barely get any bone strengthening supplements in our bodies every one of these compounds can pose a serious threat to our bones.

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