Don't Fall for Faux Claims
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
If you think that certain phrases on the labels of foods mean they're healthy choices, think again. Get down with the lingo before buying something that looks like it's a boon to your health. Don't think it's all good if you see the words... Read More
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Eat Healthy, Live Longer
by Shauna Zamarripa You are what you eat. Eating over-processed, over-packaged and preservative-laden foods has been linked to...
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Eating Healthy, American Style
American restaurants are notorious for providing their patrons with unhealthy food. This statement is true, as we are viewed to be the...
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Eating Healthy is All Greek to Dieters
A visit to an authentic Greek restaurant is a treat. The minute you step inside you'll be assailed with wondrous smells of roasting...
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