Eat Healthy, Live Longer

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by Shauna Zamarripa

You are what you eat. Eating over-processed, over-packaged and preservative-laden foods has been linked to premature aging and certain diseases. Poor eating habits have been attributed to cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. With all of this information at our fingertips, how do we stave off the next Big Mac attack?

First, consider your health. How do you feel after you've loaded up on a fast-food favorite? All of those processed, fried and fatty foods are little more than empty calories that contribute to an expanding waistline and unhealthy body. These overly processed, not-easily-digestible meals cause us to feel sluggish, tired, and heavy. All of these factors contribute to a shortened lifespan.

After you've thought about your mealtime habits, you should consider how you snack. When you have an after-dinner snack attack, do you reach for the nearest peach or the nearest slice of peach pie? Eating unhealthy desserts late into the evening are also bad for your digestion, in addition to causing weight gain and early onset of diabetes.

Then think about why you eat. Normally unhealthy eating habits are born out of a need for "comfort food." It's easy to reach for a quart of Ben and Jerry's if you're certain that it will make you "feel better;" however, looking that the nutrition facts might have you singing a different tune.