So-called Healthy Foods That Aren't Healthy

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There are many "unhealthy" health foods. Stay clear of them or eat in moderation. Breaking the myth of "unhealthy" health food is the first step to making good food choices for your family.


~ Granola can be high in fiber and contain whole oats but if you noticed lately it is chunky because it is fused together with HFCS or honey. These ingredients will raise your blood sugar quickly, leaving you hungry and feeling sluggish later on. Perhaps try finding a yummy flavored rice cake alternative. Be sure to read the labels and watch for fat calories and serving sizes. Not all rice cakes are equal.

~ Fruit Smoothie sounds healthy and yummy but watch out for hidden calories! On average a store bought smoothie will run around 600 calories with 120g of sugar. Tastes so good because a bunch of sugar was added. Invest in a juicer and be in control of what goes into your smoothie. Pick out your favorite fresh fruits, add a little plain low fat yogurt, and ice.

~ Yogurt with fruit on the bottom is healthy, right? Tastes so creamy and yummy. It's dosed with HFCS from highly processed fruit. Start your day and be smart. Save calories and money.

Buy a large container of low fat plain yogurt and keep fresh fruits on hand. Mix it together and you are talking a lot less sugar and calories.