10 Super Brain Foods That Improve Intellect

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By Robert Riles

There are many foods that help improve the memory power. Consuming these foods not only greatly enhances the memory power of an individual, but assists all round growth of the individual. It is recommended that people consume a healthy diet to maintain a level of intelligence. There are natural products without any artificial additives that help enrich a person's capabilities.

For instance, high vitamin and protein rich foods are suggested to people whose performance is below average in an effort to boost their academic performance. This is a commonly accepted practice across the world. Dietitians and physicians suggest the intake of proteins and vitamins with moderate quantity of carbohydrates in an effort to help people with poor intelligence levels.

Similarly, there are some agents such as synthetic products that help improve the memory power. However, it is best suggested that people avoid artificial products and opt for natural ways of improving the intelligence and academic performance. They include a variety of vegetables and fruits grown in organic manure. Avoid vegetables and fruits grown with fertilizers and artificial manures since they are laced with chemicals. At the most possible extent use naturally grown fruits and vegetables.