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Saturday, March 28, 2020
The moon continues to move through Taurus for most of today, making trines to Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars in Capricorn and meeting Venus in Taurus.

The energy is shifting powerfully, tangibly, and visibly, changing the landscape and structure of your relationships, life, and surroundings. But this fertile energy is laden with potential, and things are stabilizing as much as they are changing.

There are huge lucrative, creative, and delicious opportunities to move situations and relationships to the next level. But this is also a growing and learning moment. As bittersweet as something might feel—nothing lasts forever—we have to let something go for something new to come in. Think of what's unfolding as pruning back to promote healthy new growth.

Make time today to slow down amid all the busyness and focus on what really matters. Dig deep for your values—who and what you value and why. Nurture and connect with the relationships that are important to you, eat good food, nourish your soul and heart, indulge your senses, and get grounded in your body.

The moon enters Gemini tonight and trines Saturn in Aquarius shortly afterward, as Venus trines Pluto, bringing powerful negotiations, business deals, and perhaps life-altering information. Everything is negotiable. Stay true to your values and you can usher in a powerful transformation.
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