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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
The moon enters Cancer early this morning and sextiles Uranus this afternoon. Mars conjoins Saturn this morning, marking the end and beginning of a two-year cycle. The last Mars-Saturn conjunction took place on April 2, 2018, in Capricorn. Look back to what was unfolding in your life at that time, what you've learned, and how far you've come.

Now, Saturn is newly in Aquarius, and we're getting firsthand experience of this new world we are in. If there's a sense of coming up against a wall or limitations, humble yourself rather than use brute force.

In Aquarius, this is a reminder of the power of the collective to stand strong in their ideals against what seems like an oppressive force. We're likely to see this drama play out in our personal lives, as well as on the world's stage.

Reach for your most idealistic vision, even if it means walking alone. You are not alone, and your courage to fearlessly walk a path is an inspiration to many. Lead by example, and you can gather your tribe as well as the support you need.
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