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Thursday, September 24, 2020
There is a temptation to step back from your emotional wellness today. The moon in Capricorn asks you to dig in your heels and put your nose to the grindstone. However, you can't listen to your fears and let your self-doubt get the better of you.

This is a perfect day for career and work-related ambitions to really take root. It's also a wonderful day to make some extra cash or pitch those plans that you thought would never see the light of day. Just try not to let your professional ambition keep you from taking into account the other work you need to do. Capricorn energy is all about doing the job right and with careful precision.

The effects of Mercury in balancing Libra squaring Saturn in ambitious Capricorn can cause detachment from your or another's true feelings. This could be a tough day for those in a romantic relationship because people aren't really feeling their best selves. It could be a day in which you feel a little left out in the cold or ghosted by someone you thought would always be there for you. Remember that this is just a phase. Come up with a plan to do whatever is best for your peace of mind.
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