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Thursday, October 1, 2020
The overall energy rating is 4. This is a day of intensity and cleansing. You will feel pulled into your absolute truth and want to take matters into your own hands!

Today adds perfect symbolism to the beginning of the month. A vibrant full moon in the cardinal sign of Aries is an absolutely fantastic way to open up an energetic portal of sorts to illuminate the greater aspects of one's life.

This is a lesson of leadership for many, and this can be a release of the old ways in the collective struggle. Aries energy asks everyone to open their mind to new possibilities and walk away from an outdated mentality in many realms of life. People are really going to feel this lunar wave, and it might even mean that your inner rebel is going to have to take priority over others' expectations. This is also a vibration that is going to trigger you to step out of some normal way of doing things.

People might be showing their inner rage in some capacity, mainly as this full moon asks us all to purify and cleanse our anger by triggering our solar plexus chakra. The wounds are still here; some of them are meant to be here for life.

The Centaur asteroid Chiron is also extremely close to this moon in Aries in the retrograde position. It's not that you can't take control of your life at all. The lesson, in fact, is to take the path that others are too afraid to walk down, knowing that you might be doing this alone. This is the cost of breaking societal norms. It's often a very lonely process, but at the end of the day you'll be all the more grateful for these cosmically aligned shifts.
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