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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
The overall energy rating is 2. It's going to be a rocky day, but you have the goods to be aware of your part in the process!

There is plenty to process on an emotional scale at this time. Make sure you are honoring your time and giving yourself plenty of space to stretch out.

The waxing crescent moon cycles through the generous sign of Sagittarius until late this evening. This can mean that people aren't honoring their boundaries and overlapping with your auric field throughout the day.

Although the lunar vibes make it easier to let things bounce off you, there is a darker element to this as well. This can especially be true with certain family members, such as siblings or even neighbors, as Mercury's retrograde through the detective sign of Scorpio is kicking up past arguments left and right. You must honor yourself and let the toxic connections take care of themselves. For those who are in family disputes, this is a really good time to armor up on a psychological scale and be very honest with yourself about your personal space and needs.

The presence of Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus has not cleared from the skies, and it does add dramatic undertones to people's unconscious behaviors. Let someone show you who they are even if it really hurts to see it. This is a spiritual lesson, and it can even mean you're feeling a telepathic connection to someone at this time. It doesn't mean they're not violating your need for space either, and this can go both ways. Be very mindful of this because your mind is going through a process of merging right now.
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