Are You a Pushover?

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Relationships are all about give and take. But when one partner does more giving and less taking, then that person isn't getting what he or she needs out of the relationship. Get the balance right by gauging whether or not you're entitled to much more in a relationship. Often, low self-esteem or fear of losing a partner keeps us from voicing opinions or communicating our needs, and that's detrimental for the entire relationship. Here's how to know whether or not your man is walking all over you. When it comes to dates, he assumes you're always available. The guy may call or text at 6:00 Friday night, asking you out on a date for the same night. Don't do it, unless you've been seeing each other for a while, or there are other extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, you're his plan B, and you make yourself available to him whenever, wherever.