Cute Couple Costume Ideas

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However you and your mate like to dress up for Halloween or any other costume event - sexy, silly, cheesy, scary - is up to each of you. But why not double your fun and coordinate costumes? There are tons of great ideas to fit any couple. If you're a fan of classic costumes, try a Carmen Miranda/Gorilla combo. Gorilla suits can be found easily, and the woman dressing as Carmen Miranda can find fake fruit to glue onto a hat at any craft store. Top it off with a sexy dress, and voila. The outlaw/saloon woman combo is a lot of fun - a three-piece suit paired with toy guns and a 10-gallon hat will outfit him perfectly; she can wear an old-timey dress with lots of satin and lace, topped with an updo and fishnet stockings. Think you're a great catch? Why not have your guy dress as a fisherman, while you play the part of the mermaid caught in his net? If the two of you are big movie buffs, your costumes can reflect it. Anchorman fans can dress as Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone or General Aladeen from The Dictator and his Virgin Guard.