Volunteering as a Family

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Charity Fundraising Walks

Whether for a national charity or a local cause, fundraising walks can be a great active volunteer project. Fundraising walks have many positive benefits for your family as well as the causes they support, and you don't even have to be athletic to participate!

Most fundraising walks allow you to create a team and ask friends, family and co-workers to sponsor your team with a donation to the charity/cause. There is sometimes a minimum donation requirement for a team to register, but also incentive prizes for the team that raises the highest amount.

Once your team is registered and you've collected your sponsorship donations, your family is ready to walk! Some events are lap-based, with a certain number of laps around a designated course required to reach a target distance, or follow a route set at a particular distance like 5K or 10K. Others are timed to end at a certain hour to allow for the closing ceremonies.

If your family is participating in the walk, make sure that you're all wearing proper clothing for the weather. Don't forget hats and sunglasses, even if it's in the cooler months. An overcast day still carries the potential for sunburn even if there's no sun visible so always make sure to wear sunscreen. Most walks provide water stations for their walkers to ensure no one dehydrates, but you should carry extra water bottles or sports drinks just to be safe.