Volunteering as a Family

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If your family isn't into walking at a fundraiser, but still wants to help at the event, there is a huge need for event volunteers as well. Talk to the coordinating organization at least 1 month before the event is scheduled and ask about volunteer opportunities. The organization putting on the fundraiser walk will need help setting up the event site with tables, tents, and course markers. Volunteers may also be needed to hand out water along the course, register walkers and teams, and help clean the area after the event.

When the time for the walk portion of the event is over, most events have closing ceremonies where they announce special teams, prize winners, and sometimes even provide lunch or special entertainment. Either at the event or a few days after, the total amount raised is announced so you and your family can feel a sense of pride for helping raise money for a great cause.

Local Event Volunteering

Check with your city hall or local volunteer groups for chances for local event projects. If your town puts on any sort of festival, parade or picnic events they're sure to need help with running it! Volunteer positions with these kinds of opportunities are as varied as the events themselves.

Parades and festivals need traffic directors, booth staff, runners, and break-down/set-up crews. There are usually plenty of types of volunteer positions available for active runners or family members who need more stationary jobs. Younger children can usually find a job helping older family members with their duties, and babies can join a parent at a booth. Family members who can't participate can still come out and enjoy watching the festival.