10 Super Snacks for Kids

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When you're tight on time and your kids are foaming at the mouth for food, a snack can be just the thing you need to tide them over. Unfortunately, all snacks are not created equal. Although cookies, fruit snacks, juice, brownies and cupcakes may seem like the ultimate mouth-watering in-between option, can you think of one good reason why you should ply your children with plenty of sugar?

Those common snacks may seem like a convenient way to keep your kids quiet, but it's every bit as easy to come up with creative ideas with a healthy twist. Here are some top 10 snacks that get the job done every time... and they get it done right. 1. Hummus and carrots 2. String cheese 3. Quesadillas prepared with black beans and cheese 4. Freeze low-fat yogurts and serve them as an ice cream treat.