Happy Halloween: Keep it Safe

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Get ready to put the happy in Halloween with these simple tips for staying safe. Although there's plenty of fun to be had, this harrowing holiday can be downright spooky if you aren't careful. This trick for treating your family to a good time is to proceed with caution. There are some basic guidelines to help you make it through the Halloween holiday without a hitch. If you're including pumpkin primping in your festivities, remember these tips. You should do the carving - not your child. Don't leave lit pumpkins unattended when you go trick or treating. Of course, trick or treating also calls for plenty of safety measures. Children should never go into a stranger's house. When going from house to house, your child should stay in a group. There's truth to the old saying, "safety in numbers." Make sure your child doesn't stray ahead of the pack. Cross the street with your children, and always look both ways.