How to Harness Mom Stress

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April marks Stress Awareness Month, and if any population is aware of their stress, then it's moms! Moms are the do-it-all members of the family for the most part, and the ones who take on more than they ought to. For multitasking moms, who juggle kids, jobs, extracurricular activities, husbands and managing the household, stress may be ever-present. But you can -- and should -- lighten your load. Moms need a moment -- or several -- throughout the day to take a break from their tough jobs. And you may feel guilty for taking those moments, but your children are better off with a refreshed, non-burnt-out Mommy who is ready and willing to jump back into the fray. One way to head off potential stress is learning how to say one word: no. Many moms feel guilty when they don't volunteer to bring something to the school party, sign their kids up for fewer extracurricular activities than their friends or even going to the bathroom alone!