How to Host a Successful Sleepover

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As kids begin school, the subject of having friends sleep over will rear its head. One of the nice things about having a sleepover instead of traditional birthday party is that you can supervise all the activities in your home, plus you tend not to have to rent expensive spaces, so the option can be more economical. But once you have all those kids over, can you simply put in the earplugs and do your best to ignore them? If only...No, a successful sleepover only happens with the right planning and preparation. This includes choosing participants wisely, planning the dinner, snack and breakfast menu, activities and establishing a lights-out time - plus sticking to it! First, decide on the number of children you'd like to invite, taking into account how much space you have and the age of the children. The younger they are, the less able to entertain more than one guest they'll be. If your child is too young but insists on having a sleepover, then try a "mock" sleepover first. Have all the kids come over in their jammies for dinner, movies and snacks. Get them all snuggled in sleeping bags, then call it a night at around 9 or 10 p.m., having parents pick them up. It's good practice for sleepovers that last all night later on.