Is Your Kid a Crybaby?

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It could be at a playgroup, in a restaurant or at school - your child cries at the drop of a hat. What makes some kids more sensitive than others? Kids have vastly different temperaments, and there are pros and cons for each. A stubborn child might carry that streak of independence into a self-sufficient adulthood; the shy child might become an observant, intuitive and polite adult; and the "crybaby" will likely be an empathetic adult who is highly attuned to others' feelings. But dealing with a crying child at the time makes it hard to see past the emotions he shows. After you've ruled out physical discomfort, such as being sick, tired, cold, hot or hungry - these are powerful feelings that can overwhelm small children - delve into what's going on in his head. Is he overwhelmed, overstimulated, angry, frustrated, or has he had his feelings hurt?