Last-Minute Costumes That Won't Cost a Fortune

There are those people who have their kids' Halloween costumes planned out months in advance, and then there are those who wait until the very last minute. If you're still searching for a costume this close to the Halloween, you probably fall into the latter category. {relatedarticles}The good news is there are plenty of creative costumes you can throw together in the midnight hour ... and they won't cost you a fortune. If you've already struck out in the costume aisle of Wal-Mart, why not try on one of these outrageous outfits for size? Gator girl or boy: Dig up a couple of cardboard boxes. Cut one out in the shape of an alligator head. Use plain printer paper as the teeth. Roll up a bunch of packaging paper. Stuff it into your child's pants as a tail. Toga Party Reveler: Use a white sheet and wrap it around your child's body like a toga. Black Eyed Pea: Find a white t-shirt. Use a black permanent marker to draw a P on the shirt.

Use black eye shadow or face paint to draw a black circle around one of your child's eyes. Pig in a blanket: Make a pig nose out of an empty yogurt cup and a piece of yarn. Cover with pink construction paper. Find an old blanket and wrap it around your child. Jellyfish: Find a clear umbrella. {relatedarticles}Buy streamers and tape them hanging down from the rim of the umbrella. Candy Cane: If you have a white jumpsuit, you can use red duct tape to wrap around and make your child into a candy cane. Chance of rain: Dress your child in all blue. Then attach cotton balls to his or her outfit. Also have your child carry a water gun for the occasional drizzle. While they may not be the most elaborate costumes, they'll definitely do the trick when you're in a pinch.