Last-Minute Costumes That Won't Cost a Fortune

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Use black eye shadow or face paint to draw a black circle around one of your child's eyes. Pig in a blanket: Make a pig nose out of an empty yogurt cup and a piece of yarn. Cover with pink construction paper. Find an old blanket and wrap it around your child. Jellyfish: Find a clear umbrella. Buy streamers and tape them hanging down from the rim of the umbrella. Candy Cane: If you have a white jumpsuit, you can use red duct tape to wrap around and make your child into a candy cane. Chance of rain: Dress your child in all blue. Then attach cotton balls to his or her outfit. Also have your child carry a water gun for the occasional drizzle. While they may not be the most elaborate costumes, they'll definitely do the trick when you're in a pinch.