Slay the Candy Monster: How to Handle Halloween Sweets

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Probably the most frightening aspect of Halloween is the amount of candy your children bring home. No matter which type of sweet treats they get, it all boils down to the same thing - sugar, sugar and more sugar. While you don't want to rain on your child's Halloween parade, there's a lot to be said for coming up with an effective strategy that emphasizes moderation.

What type of parent would you be if you didn't lend any oversight to the candy consumption process? You'd be a parent with some very wired children. Too much candy is bad for your child's teeth, as well as his or her health. So what's a mom and dad to do? If you want the first night to be a free for all, have at it. Let your children go to town on their new-found goodies. But once they've retired for the night, put your plan into action.