Tantrum Time: Ways to Stop the Madness

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It's every parent's worst nightmare -- the incessant crying that just doesn't seem to cease. For new -- and old -- parents, those crying jags can feel like they go on forever. Fits of screams that don't stop...no matter what you do. But have you really tried everything? There are some strategies that parents swear by. Although it's not the traditional rocking or singing your child to sleep, it may be what you need to once again put that youngster to sleep and enjoy the silence. If your little one is pitching a fit, strap him in the car and go for a ride. Some babies find this soothing and are often lulled to sleep by the movement of the car. Another great way to get the ball back in your court is to bounce on an exercise ball. Gently bounce baby on your knee until he calms down. Don't go overboard - the last thing you want to do is shake the baby. Between the closeness of your body and the repetitive bouncing motion, there's a good chance it will trim the tantrum time.