The Healthiest Foods Your Kid's Not Eating

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Sushi doesn't seem like a child-friendly option, but some of the vegetarian and cooked options can be ideal to introduce kids to fun, tasty food. If your child has a taste for ethnic foods, such as Chinese and Mexican entrees, then explore those foods at home as well. Spicy foods are ones that parents sometimes overlook, but you'd be surprised how many kids will gobble them up. The World Snacks series of board books can give your child further insight into some of those mysterious menu items. With fun titles like Yum Yum Dim Sum and First Book of Sushi, clever rhymes and mouthwatering illustrations introduce kids to foods like tostadas, chow mein and tamago. After checking out these great books, you can then show your child what they look like in person as you either prepare them at home or visit your favorite restaurant.