Healthy Kids Snacks That Aren't

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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is universally loved by children and is a great source of protein. When you hit the stores, buy a spread made from peanuts and salt, nothing else. Many types of peanut butters add sugars and hydrogenated fats, which keep them creamy for a longer time on the shelf.

Most likely, you will be using it in cooking or pairing it with jelly for PB&Js, so your family won't miss the extra fat and corn syrups anyway. Especially stay away from over-processed novelty brands, like those mixed with chocolate or a jelly-like substance. They are mostly corn syrup and preservatives.

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars are easy items to grab when your family is on the go. They tend to crop up in school lunches or on long car trips. Eating them in either situation is not ideal, because these pastry snacks are made up of sugar and refined flour. Feed one to your tot and they will get a sugar rush and then crash quickly, complaining of a hungry tummy.

Breakfast bars do not have enough fruit in them to constitute a daily serving either, so they are really more like soft candy bars. For a fast breakfast with easy cleanup, try a Ziploc bag filled with granola and fruit, either dried or fresh.