Does Your Man Need a Mani/Pedi?

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Have you noticed if your man has gotten a little too...manly? There's a fine line between looking masculine and looking like a caveman, so if you've noticed that your partner's skin could use an overhaul, nails could use a sanding-down or he's hairy in all the wrong places, then it might be time to book a spa appointment. But many guys will balk at the suggestion that he should go one of those stuffy, girly, frouffy places inhabited by ladies who lunch and an all-female staff. However, that's just not how most spas operate these days. There's something for everyone, including the manliest man. Appeal to his vanity when broaching the subject. If he's a gym rat, then he might be up for a massage to relax those tight muscles. Consider the kind of massage he might like.