The Best Makeup for Fair Skin

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It allows the natural glow of your skin to shine through. When you need a little extra coverage, try liquid or cream foundation and a dusting of powder to set it. Add some color by not skipping the blush. Soft peaches, pinks and apricots are best for fair-skinned women. Avoid anything too warm with a yellow tone, which will make skin look sallow. Those apricots and sandy pinks look fabulous on lips, too, and if you want to go more dramatic, take a page from Anne Hathaway's stylebook and go with a brick red. Avoid going too brown - it can make fair skin look dull. If you're pale, then you can still play up your eyes for a dramatic look. Try dark navy, champagne, pinks and cool brown or taupe hues. Finish with black or black-brown mascara, and you'll look perfect.