Eight Common Remedies For Getting Rid Of Stretchmarks

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Geez, those ugly lines are already showing out even before you have read the prevention advice? Well, it not the end of the world. From home cures to medical creams, you can find a list of common remedies here. A word of advice though. A few of these treatments could be undesirable for expectant mums or breastfeeding ladies. So it's highly recommended that you confer with your doctor before testing them out.

Retin A Cream
Retin A Tretinoin is an ingredient that has been laboratory tested to lighten up stretchmarks lines. In accordance to a study, the 0.1% tretinoin cream managed to bring down fourteen percent of the length and eight percent of the stretchmarks' width. In a different study, the length was cut down by twenty percent. It helps to get rid of redness, avoid the bad impacts of the hormones resulting in stretchmarks and boost the remodeling of elastin and collagen in the skin, thereby enhancing its overall appearance. Such ointments can also be utilized for preventing stretchmarks.

For the best effects, apply the Retin A creams on newly formed stretchmarks so that it can work on the damaged elastin and collagen immediately. Some patients may find them too irritating or drying. If you find that you're forming some negative reactions to it, ease its use and seek medical attention right away. Expectant mums or breastfeeding ladies may want to give this treatment a miss.