Hair Removal Options

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Let's start with the basics. Remember your middle school years, when your mom (or best friend or aunt) handed you the tweezers and explained plucking law? They tried to offer moral support while you painstakingly plucked out those nonsense strays as your face became red and splotchy.

Plucking works by grasping a hair at its base with a set of tweezers and pulling. For plucking to work, the shaft of the hair has to be long enough for tweezers. This effective way to remove hair does take a lot of time. It is best for maintenance between hair removal sessions.

Best Body Part for Plucking: Brows, upper lip, face


Waxing is best when you need to remove a lot of hair all at once (or when you're sick of plucking that brow and upper lip hair). This typically works best when a salon aesthetician does the waxing for you. Otherwise, you can do it at home with hot wax or cool wax strips - although it's a little difficult since you're essentially inflicting pain upon yourself.