Hair Removal Options

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First, apply a little hot wax to the area where the hair is to be removed. Place a strip on top of the wax while the wax cools. This helps the wax immerse in the hair. Then, brace yourself as the strip is pulled off band-aid style. This is repeated until the waxing process is done. The size of the wax and strips applied depends on the area of the body being waxed.

Waxing allows women to shave their legs less, or pluck less often. Be prepared for some initial redness and swelling, but once that passes your skin will feel satiny smooth.

Best Body Part for Waxing: eyebrows, bikini line, your most private areas, underarms, legs.

Sugar Waxing

This kind of hair removal works just like waxing but with an added perk. Instead of its resin counterpart, sugar waxing is considered the gentler natural way to wax. Though a strip is still placed on top of the wax and hair is pulled from the root, sugar waxing is done in the same direction as hair growth, not against the grain.

Most sugar wax is totally natural, made with a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice. While you can make and conduct sugar waxing at home, you may want to go with a salon process first. Sugar waxing exfoliates that top layer of dead skin cells instead of ripping up live skin cells like traditional waxing. So for a superior outcome with less pain, sugar waxing may be the answer.

Best Body Part for Sugar Waxing: eyebrows, bikini line, your most private areas, underarms, legs