Eye Makeup by Eye Color

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Is your eye shadow helping to bring out your eye color? If you're not sure, then you may be making your brown eyes blue. Or just not doing yourself any favors. When it comes to matching eye shadow and eye colors, there are a few tricks to learn. First, if you have brown eyes, then you're lucky enough to be able to wear almost any color on your lids. Take a look at the whites of your eyes - do they tend to be red or yellowish in color? Any eye shadow with those tones should be avoided so that you don't highlight those colors in your eyes. Take a close look at your eye color, and match eye shadow shades with any highlights you see, like golden or hazel flecks. Contrasting colors may complement brown eyes - deep purples can give a smoky look a new twist, and shimmery blues are perfect with very dark eyes. Green and hazel eyes have flecks of different colors as well, and eye shadow colors can play them up.