Fight Frizz with Silicone

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When most women hear silicone, the first thing that comes to mind is breast implants. What they fail to realize is that silicone is great for giving you another kind of lift... in your hair. This active ingredient can change how you handle your hair forever. The benefits of silicone are far reaching. And these products fight frizz, tackle tangles, protect hair from heat and leave those lovely locks looking shiny and soft. Silicone is so effective because it forms a barrier around the hair shaft to prevent what's inside from going out and vice versa. Because the silicone molecules are so large, they can't be absorbed into the hair shaft and therefore provide a protective coating. This comes in handy for keeping moisture in the hair and protecting the hair from damaging elements such as heat and UV Rays. Silicone is used in many smoothing products, sometimes under the name dimethicone. In addition to looking less knotted, silicone also gives a shiny, silky appearance.