Multitasking Makeup Goes the Distance

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Don't throw out those cosmetics that you think you just won't use quite yet. Give them another chance by using them for something other than what they were meant to do. Use your imagination to find new uses for old makeup. For example, if you use cream blush, then spread a bit over the tops of your cheekbones, then just under the browbone. It'll draw attention up to eyes and give your whole face a glow. Other products that look great on eyes include lip gloss - really! A shiny pink one patted on the brow line can help highlight and lift eyes. The trick is to use a non-sticky formula so that your eyelashes won't stick when you go to bat them. Bronzer may give you that great sunkissed look, but did you know it can also add sparkle to lashes? Use a dry mascara wand to dip into bronzer, then shake off the excess. Either put on after a coat of mascara or let eyes sparkle naturally by just combing through naked lashes.