Ride the Wave of Beach Highlights

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Face it -- nothing says summer like beautiful beach highlights. If you're striving for that sun-kissed, beach-beauty look, you don't need to take a trip to the tropics to achieve it. Simply visit the local salon, and you can put Gidget to shame with your super surfer girl glow. Although most people associate luscious blonde locks with beautiful beach bums, brunettes can work the same great look. You'll first want to consider your cut. For starters, focus on style. The last thing you want is your stylist chopping off your color. Layers or a bob are great options for surf-tussled sass, although just about any style will work with the right color treatment. It's important to think outside of the box -- it's not just the color that counts. It's the way you go about getting it. Start with a good base color. If you're a blonde, opt for two shades darker than the natural color, while brunettes can shoot for a shade lighter.