Wedding Dresses on the Cheap

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Before you exchange vows, you should promise to love, honor and obey these helpful hints for saving money on your wedding dress. Planning a wedding can be costly, which is why it's important to cut corners wherever you can. And while many brides cringe at the notion of paring back their dress dollars, it's important to realize that you can still get the dress of your dreams without breaking your bank. Consider this -- most wedding gowns are only worn once --- on that big day. So it only makes sense that a second-hand gown would make for a great investment. If you're down with wearing someone else's designer duds, check out consignment shops, and eBay. Of course, you'll want to get your measurements before you seal the deal. Getting someone else's pricey dress at half the cost is the ultimate steal. And your guests will be no more the wiser. If the idea of a secondhand score doesn't wash well with you, hit up the nearest bridal outlet.