Your Mom's Worst Beauty Advice

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Good old Mom -- always telling us to eat our veggies, that our faces would freeze like that if we kept scowling...and heaping on the beauty advice. But there are quite a few things Mom shared about our appearance that just aren't true. Here are a few of the rules Mom taught that it's OK to ignore. First, don't pop zits, no matter what your mom said. All popping will do is create scarring. And if she told you that popping would give you larger pores, that's also wrong. Popping won't change your pore size. If she caught you waxing or pulling stray hairs from your chin or lip, you might've heard her say the hair would grow back thicker and more visible. Not true. In fact, when you wax, hair grows back finer and less dense. Shaving, however, may have that effect on hair, so stick with wax or plucking facial hair.