How to Buy a Winter Coat

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Choosing the right winter coat is a delicate balance between function and fashion. Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, a winter coat may be the only thing standing between you and nasty winter weather. By the same token, if you hate the winter coat that you buy, you may shy away from wearing it even if it keeps you warm and toasty as the temperature slips to single digits.

A winter coat is often a significant investment that requires serious consideration and a bit of legwork before purchasing. This is one area where impulse shoppers must exercise major self-restraint. With a good understanding of what to look for in the ideal winter coat, you can simplify the process of buying your most important seasonal outerwear.

Pick a Price Point for Your Perfect Winter Coat

Before you hit the streets or fire up your Web browser, check your budget to determine the highest price you are willing to spend on a winter coat. This will inform everything else about your prospective coat, including where to shop and which materials to choose.