How to Wear Bangs

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Ideally, you already work with a hairstylist who takes the time and effort to evaluate your facial structure and alter popular cuts to play to your strongest features. Even so, it doesn't hurt to go into the stylist's chair with good background knowledge of what works for you and what doesn't. This will facilitate the dialogue between you and the stylist and help you to avoid any unrealistic expectations and heartache.

Start by pinning your hair back from your face so you can get a good look at the canvas you will be working with. Spend a few minutes looking in the mirror at various angles to determine the shape of your face. Listed below are some of the primary shapes and the types of bangs best suited for them:

Heart Shaped Faces - A heart shaped face is wider at the forehead and temples and tapering down into a small chin (think Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Campbell). These ladies look best with longer, wispier side-swept bangs that help to draw attention to the eyes.

Round Face - These fuller faces are rounded at the forehead and chin, with the fullest part of the face at the cheeks and typically softer features (a la, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore). For a less drastic yet flattering look, you can try longer wispy bangs similar to the heart-shaped ladies. For something more dramatic, ask for bangs that are cut thick and curved. Contouring is important to give rounder faces the best look, so avoid a cut that goes straight across the forehead.