How to Wear Bangs

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Avoiding Mishaps with Your New Look

Because they are sometimes literally in your face, bangs in need of a serious trim can irk even the most patient woman. Resist the temptation to perform monthly maintenance unless you feel uber-confident in your abilities to wield scissors while simultaneously looking up at your hair and in a mirror. In other words: do not try this one at home.

Your salon may have an option where you can get free or super cheap between-cut trims to keep your bangs looking great, or just plan on reducing the wait-time between your regular appointments.

There are a few stand-out styles to shrink from:

  • bangs that are super, super short (while cute on some women, these can also make you look like the victim of a do-it-yourself cut);
  • bangs that are too thick (you risk looking like a schoolgirl or a doll); and
  • bangs that are too curly, poofy or with too much height (because of all the '80s and '90s inspired styles to make a comeback, "The Wave" bangs needn't be one of them).