Hair Removal Products

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It seems there's always a new hair removal product being plugged in women's magazines, department stores or on TV infomercials. Most women have tried at least a few different ways to remove or reduce the appearance of body hair and not all of them yield the best results for everyone.


Waxing is the preferred hair removal method for many women because the results last for weeks, and over time, can actually decrease the amount and thickness of hair re-growth. While waxing has its upside, it isn't perfect.

First off, it can be painful; after all, you are ripping out hair by the root. Second, it can be messy. Depending on the formula, waxes can drip and get stuck on household surfaces; an accident that can be very inconvenient to clean. When you're shopping for a good hair removal wax, you should look for one that is gentle on skin, non-messy and effective at removing hair in one go, so you don't have to suffer any more of those eye-watering pulls than necessary.

Nair Salon Divine Wax Kit (average price $15) is a microwavable warm wax product that removes hair quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional hot wax kits, Salon Divine doesn't require any cloth strips; you simply spread the wax on, allow it to cool for several seconds, then remove it in the same way you would a wax strip. The wax formula is rich, moisturizing and pleasant-smelling.

The only drawback is that it may be a bit messy. Women new to waxing may need a few rounds of practice and some newspaper to catch any wayward drips. Aside from that, it's a very convenient waxing product.

Brazil is known for its beautiful, smooth beach bodies, and women around the world flock to salons for their Brazilian-style waxing services. A professional waxing can be quite expensive, so some folks have decided to try professional waxing products at home. GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax (average price $13.99) is a high-quality wax that promises touchable, hair-free skin at home.

Reviewers say great things about the product but it's probably not the best bet for beginners. You'll need to purchase a wax warmer separately and follow a set of detailed directions to get the results you want.