Hydration Counts: We've Got the Proof

No matter what type of exercise or fitness program you are following, there is one important element you cannot forget: water! Our bodies lose a great deal of water due to perspiration. Staying hydrated during a workout will help you stay focused and more energized. Dehydration could result in serious consequences. Dizziness and nausea can both be symptoms of dehydration.


Sports drinks are another good option for rehydrating. However, if you're watching your sodium intake, check the label first. Should you opt for water or a sports drink during your workout? It depends on your needs. For most people who work out for fitness regularly indoors, water is just fine for hydration. For athletes who work out at a high intensity for more than 60 minutes at a time, like marathoners and triathlon competitors, an electrolyte-replacing sports drink might be best.

Determining how much water you need during a workout might require some experimentation. Weigh yourself before working out, and if you weigh significantly less than before you worked out, then you may not be hydrating enough.{relatedarticles}If you weigh more than before working out, then you might be drinking too much. A good rule of thumb is to drink two to three cups of water a couple of hours before working out; drink a cup 15 minutes before exercising; then hydrate every 10-15 minutes during exercise. After working out, drink three to four cups of water for every pound lost. Always drink when you feel thirsty, exercising or not.