Spring Looks You'll Love

There are few things more satisfying than clearing the old winter clothes from the closet and replacing them with fresh spring fashions that reflect the brightness and energy of the season.

This time of year can bring out your flirty and adventurous side and get you into the spirit of rejuvenation. You might be seeing the results of your new year's fitness resolutions and want to show off the fruits of your labors with some gorgeous fashions that highlight your best features.

It isn't always easy. Fashion can be a little intimidating for many people. Everyday women raising kids, going to work or school, and dealing with the ups and downs of life don't always have the time, resources or inclination to pour over top fashion magazines each time the seasons change.

The revolving door of what's "in" will jam anyone who isn't moving fast enough, and keeping up with every new trend the minute is an unrealistic option for most of us. All styles don't work for all body types, and some high-fashion styles just don't work in real life!

There are some easy ways to enjoy fashion without emptying your wallet or looking like a kid playing dress up. It's all about balance: stick to pieces that are classic, and throw in some fun trendy pieces to keep you up to date. 

Personal style is important. Even if you aren't a haute couture maven, you probably want to stock your wardrobe with clothing that fits well, looks up-to-date and suits you.

Make spring your season to discover all the fun and inspiring new looks that bring out your unique beauty.


This classic, delicate fabric seems to make a comeback every other season. Sometimes it's seen giving a feminine grace to punk-inspired creations, other times, it appears on more classic pieces. For spring, the focus is strongly on the latter. If you want to wear this year's lace, the key is moderation. You love your grandma, but don't want to look like you raided her linen closet! Choose pieces with well-placed lace trim or detailing to keep your look youthful and fun.

Biker Style

The models at this year's spring fashion previews often looked like they'd gotten style tips from the Hell's Angels. Studded leather and tough-girl denim are some of the hottest looks of this season. To bring this look into the real world, pick a biker-themed accessory (like a studded cuff or pair of leather boots) and add it to a sexy-casual outfit. The cuff-style bracelets have also been appearing in beaded styles that can be worn for evening too.


Black has long reigned as queen of the runway, but white is set to topple the dark dynasty, at least for this season. Diaphanous white dresses are set to be the star of the show this year. The trend may be linked to more optimistic attitudes about the economy or a desire for a fresh start. Whatever the psychological reasons behind this season's white-out, you should be ready for it with plenty of stain sticks and bleach. Anyone with young children should double their supply of cleaning products.

70's Glamour

Last year was all about 80's retro, and this spring we're going back an extra decade for inspiration. Most of us cringe when the words "70's Fashions" are uttered. We've all either seen or starred in the awkward prom photos from that psychedelic, bell-bottomed era. But have no fear, spring clothing trends are much more subtle. The evening jumpsuit is back, in a glamorous, updated form. The flowing lines and easy fit will be a breath of fresh air for anyone eagerly awaiting the death of the skinny jean. If a whole 70's outfit is too much for you, go for one small piece. Big chunky sunglasses are a great addition to just about any wardrobe. They make your features appear smaller and more delicate, and they're perfect for hiding the tired puffy eyes you acquired partying late into the warm spring nights.

Crazy Prints

The spring runways came alive with wild combinations of prints and colors. We're talking leopard mixed with geometric with a touch of paisley thrown in for good measure. Few real-life women would be caught dead in a dress or jacket in these prints, but that doesn't mean the whole trend has to be jettisoned. Have fun this season by choosing a piece or two that are slightly more adventurous than your usual picks. A neutral, monochromatic outfit can be brought to life with a beautifully busy bag or freaky-patterned footwear.

Pastel Green

Pink is THE standard spring pastel, followed closely by sunny yellow. Peach made a splash a few years ago. Now it's green's turn to shine. Seafoam, mint, call it what you will, pastel green is set to be one of the must-have colors in spring.

Longer Hemlines and the Lady-Like Silhouette

Boxy and androgynous looks are scarce this season; designers are focusing on traditional lady-like lines. You can use this to your advantage, whether you're dainty or curvy, by choosing clothing that showcases your most feminine features. This emphasis on classic feminine attire plays a large part in the comeback of the longer skirt; many of the dresses and skirts from this season feature hems that are well below the knee. While some of this spring's skirts are flouncy or A-line, the straight skirt will rule the day. This style can be wonderfully slimming and add sophistication to your wardrobe. It's best to try on several different skirts before selecting one. Make sure the skirt hugs your hips without being uncomfortable. Skirts with slits allow for more mobility when wearing this style.


Tassels ain't just for curtains anymore. Tassels of all styles and colors will be in this spring on shoes, skirts, bags and other pieces. These decorative flourishes can add a hint of luxury (or exoticism, depending on what you're going for) to your wardrobe.