The Rice Diet

ImageWok away the pounds with The Rice Diet. As crazy as this idea sounds, the Rice Diet Program is actually far from a sham. The program dates all the way back to 1939 and is affiliated with Duke University.

According to their website, the diet lessens the chance of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, renal illness and other ailments. There is actually a Rice Diet Clinic in Durham, North Carolina supervised by a staff of doctors, dietitians and nurses.

Anyone interested in following the program without checking into the residential program can invest in a copy of The Rice Diet Solution.

Through the book, readers learn how to rely on nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga and journaling to shed those extra pounds. There are also a numerous amount of resources to improve physical and emotional health. In addition, the book is full of places to improve one's physical and emotional health. In addition, there is an online forum where followers of The Rice Diet can get additional support.

Ironically, the diet does not have a lot to do with rice at all. During Phase I of the 12-week program, dieters dine on grains and fruits. They recommend you do not try this at home. In Phase 2, you are allowed to consume vegetables, beans and other carbohydrates, as well as the grains and fruits.

ImageOnce a week you can even eat fish. Experts from the Rice Diet Click suggest following a vegetarian lifestyle until you reach your goal weight.

What makes the plan quite effective is the decreasing of salt and sodium-loaded ingredients. By limiting salt intake, the body drops water weight, making the individual less likely to eat excess amounts. With The Rice Diet, saturated fats are also eliminated and the focus is shifted to whole foods. Because the Rice Diet is quite rich in fiber, it not only leaves the dieter feeling full, but it also helps to clean the system.

The program goes beyond a calorie-controlled diet. Other components of the curriculum include stress management, yoga, group therapy and nutritional lectures.