TNT Diet

ImageGet ready for a diet that will blow you away. Another property of the Men's Health Empire, the TNT Diet asserts it will help dieters (particularly men) change their bodies by following a simple fat-fighting formula.

The TNT Diet's mission is to ensure that the body does not store fat. Based on the latest science and research, authors Adam Campbell and JeffVolek have created a state-of-the-art program using Targeted NutritionTactics. Hence the TNT in the name.

Through specific nutrition and exercise practices, followers of the TNT program are able to change their bodies in the shortest time possible.

The secret is to build muscle while burning fat. Whether you are looking to lose weight or bulk up, the TNT plan can work. With the 3 monthplan, individuals can shed up to 30 pounds of fat, add muscle and lowerthe risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

ImageWith the TNT Diet, the magic word is glycogen, meaning the carbs stored in the muscle. By reducing the amount of glycogen, the body knows to turn to fat as its primary source of energy. Not only does that unwanted flab become to dissipate, but this launches a process known as nutrient partitioning.

With nutrient partitioning, calories are diverted from the fat cells and to the muscle cells. By lowering glycogen levels, the body's reaction to insulin is changed, allowing it to signal the body to build muscle without burning fat.

The makers of the TNT Diet encourage dieters to concentrate on the type of carbs and the time carbs are eaten. That is why they have created three Time Zones -- The Fat-Burning Time Zone, the Reloading Time Zone and the Muscle-Building Time Zone.

The Fat-Burning Time Zone is a low-carb diet that speeds up fat loss and regulates appetite. Dieters will spend most of the week in this time zone, which is the foundation of the plan. In the Fat-Burning Time Zone, followers can eat all of the veggies, meats, cheeses and eggs they want. By limiting the amount of carbs, the body is kept in fat-burning mode.

ImageThe Reloading Time Zone is the high-carb diet which makes for plenty of protein and lots of carbs. Followers can spend up to two days a week, more specifically 36 hours, in the Reloading Time Zone. It would be this zone that drives muscle-building nutrients into the muscle cells.

In the Muscle-Building Time Zone, a workout nutrition approach is used. By filling up on proteins -- such as shakes or tuna -- or a snack with both proteins and carbs, this prepares the muscles to grow.

Made up of four phases, the TNT workout plan stretches throughout the 12-week period. It is important to do three weight-training workouts each week with a day's rest in between. Alternate workouts each session so that you never do the same workout in a row. Perform the exercises in the order shown.

With the help the TNT Diet's help, you will achieve the muscle mass you want in a matter of months.