5 Christmas Break Activities You'll Love

Vacation is all you ever wanted -- until you're struggling to keep the children entertained over Christmas break. For the working parents, there's no better option that sending your kid to the equivalent to winter camp for vacation. {relatedarticles}You can usually find a program through the city, the YMCA or a local community center. However, if time is on your side and winter camp isn't in your budget, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids occupied throughout the day. Take your kids ice skating. Depending on where you live, there are indoor and outdoor rinks. In some areas, use of outdoor rinks is even free. If you live in a state where the climate doesn't get that cold, opt for a day at the ice skating rink. For less than $10, your child will be entertained while getting plenty of exercise. If you live in area where there is snow, make it a snow day. Build a snowman or a snow fort. Your kids may even be up for a snowball fight.

Just make sure they're dressed accordingly. Set up play dates. If you don't want to hear your children whining about how bored they are, set up plenty of play dates in advance. You may have to serve lunch or a snack, but it sure beats trying to keep the little busybodies entertained all day long. {relatedarticles}If you're feeling especially energetic, get in baking mode. Set up a cookie or candy making station where you can prepare homemade gifts for family and friends. Give children specific chores or duties. Imagine their delight in helping... and getting to sample their hard work at the end. Check with the chamber of commerce in your city and find out what activities they have. Maybe it's a Christmas tree lighting, parade or a show at the local theater. There are usually some holiday-related events that you and your children can enjoy at a very low cost.