ImageBurn fat while you sleep.

It's an incredible claim, yet Sleep A-Weigh maintains that you can shed extra pounds without losing muscle with their product. With ingredients like apple cider vinegar, Tonalin CLA and vitamins C and B6, Sleep A-Weigh promises to assist in the body's overnight rebuilding process and to boost the metabolism.

An anti-aging product, Sleep-A-Weigh is hydrolyzed collagen which keeps thebody maintaining a youthful appearance. According to the makers of Sleep-A-Weigh, the collagen repairs tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails,bones, teeth, energy and fat loss. An added perk is that it also burns fatin the process.

Sleep-A-Weigh contains an army of ingredients that assist people in losingweight and achieving a more youthful appearance. The ingredients used in the fat- and age-fighting formula include...

Amino Acids are the building blocks of all proteins and some hormones.

Arginine promotes cell development & secretion of several hormones including
insulin and growth hormone.

ImageOrnithine is manufactured by the body when arginine is metabolized duringthe production of urea. It's also thought to promote muscle building in thebody.

Lysine is needed for growth, helps maintain nitrogen balance in the body andpromotes healthy blood vessels.

Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, the glue that strengthens many part ofthe body.

Vitamin B6 is the master vitamin in the processing of amino acids.

There's no need for diet or fitness modification. You can just keep doingwhat you've been doing... and still lose weight by simply taking your dailydose of Sleep A-Weigh. Or so they say.

Available in a tropical oasis fruit flavor, Sleep A-Weigh is to be takenbefore bedtime -- at least three hours after your last meal for it to beeffective.

This ephedra-free supplement is thought to be safe for diabetics andindividuals who suffer from high blood pressure.