Total Gym

ImageThe Total Gym might have gotten lost in the sea of infomercials if it was not for their very visible spokespeople, Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris. But with an endorsement from two super celebrities, it has managed to stay at the forefront of home gyms for years.

The Total Gym is used for weight loss, toning and building muscle, adding strength and providing an effective cardio workout. It acts as a resistance machine whereby individuals use their own weight to tighten and tone. There are no weights necessary -- so people using the Total Gym can move from one exercise to the next with ease.

With the Total Gym, you can shape up from head to toe. Rather than filling up your house with a bunch of different equipment, you will have all you need rolled into one machine.

The Total Gym can even be used for Pilates or other cardio regimens. In total, it offers more than 80 exercises including the butterfly, seated curls, seated bench press, tricep extensions, toe raises, hamstring pull, side bends, cardio pull, rowing, leg extension, inner thigh pull and more.

ImageThe Total Gym can be used for core training, which works the abs, obliques, lower back and glutes. By strengthening the core, you'll prevent lower back pain, improve posture and coordination, improve balance and perform daily tasks with no problems. Because the Total Gym workout is done on a glideboard, the core is targeted during the regiment.

One of the perks is that you will no longer have to wait in line for machines at the gym. In fact you can get an entire body workout with the Total Gym. Of course, you need to be motivated to use the Total Gym for something other than putting your laundry on.

There's no assembly necessary, and the Total Gym folds up easily, making it simple to put away with no hassle.

Although it is not as costly as the Bowflex or other home gyms, the Total Gym will set you back at least $399. They are currently offering a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial for just $49.95. With the trial, you pay less than $50. If you aren't happy with the results, you can return the Total Gym within 30 days. If you are satisfied with the Total Gym, you will be billed the remainder of the balance.