Wu-Yi Tea

ImageImagine shedding 55 pounds in 5 months.

A hot new product promises to help clients do just that. You have heard about the wonders of green tea, but what do you really know about Wu-Yi Tea, labeled as the most potent weight loss solution on the market. When combined with a well-balanced diet, Wu-Yi Tea has an innovative blend of ingredients to take off those extra pounds effectively.

According to the Wu-Yi Source, this tea may diminish the fattening effects of carbs, reverse the signs of ageing, prevent plaque build-up and boost energy levels. Wu-Yi tea is a type of oolong tea that is thought to burn twice as much fat as green tea.

One study showed that by consuming oolong tea 15 minutes before eating carbs, the occurrence of insulin spikes was reduced. Wu-Yi should be consumed at breakfast and before or with the evening meal. While many people can expect to lose weight after 10 days, most results happen within 30 days. One box of Wu-Yi has 60 total servings.

ImageThe makers of Wu-Yi stop short of titling the product a miracle-worker. In fact, they say that for best results, Wu-Yi should be added with a well-balanced diet and proper exercise.

What many people do not realize is that all Wu Yi products are not created equal. Your cup of tea is the one that comes from the side slop of Mt. Wu Yi Shan in China's Fujian Province. Because Wu-Yi can only be culled from this region, it can be limited in supply.

Wu-Yi Source claims to be more effective than Hoodia XT, Trimpsa X32, alli and Hydroxycut Hardcore. Dieters can enjoy the tea as a hot beverage, frozen pops or a shaken drink.