The Best Clutter Busters

Getting clutter under control can seem like an impossible feat. However, with the right tools you can finally conquer it. But before we give you the names of products that will help demystify your clutter conundrum, you need to consider the grand scheme of the "clutter issue." Otherwise, your clutter-busting tools may inadvertently become part of the problem!


Tackling Clutter

If you want to tackle clutter, you have to come up with your own system of doing so. It usually helps to go into it with the mindset that you are going to do 1 of 3 things with every item:

  • Keep it;
  • Give it; or
  • Toss it/recycle it.

If you decide to keep anything, then you must be sure that it will have its own place. If that requires purchasing or designing your own organizational system, then do it. There is no point trying to bust clutter in your home if you aren't going to keep it organized.

If you decide to give it away, do it right away. The longer you wait and keep it around, the more chance it will end up back where it was. Pack it up or bag it up and put it in your car so that it's ready to be given away.

If it's something that isn't worth keeping or giving away, then toss it. If you are going to toss it, do it immediately. The temptation to hang on may be too strong if it's still around, so getting rid of it as soon as possible is the best thing. You can do this by keeping a large trash bag nearby.


Organizing Your Closets

Closets are notorious for becoming cluttered. It seems easier to just throw things in, however, not so easy when it comes time to search for something. Closet organizational systems can be a wonderful solution to your closet clutter.

Rubbermaid has a great tool for keeping your closet organized. It's the Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Deluxe Custom Closet Kit, priced at about $220. This kit has expandable and adjustable shelves, which makes it easy to personalize to fit your needs. It includes 10 feet of hanging space and 22 feet of shelving.

Organizing Your Shoes

Shoes can be difficult to keep under control as they end up all over the house. How many times have you been on the search for a matching shoe? Shoe racks are a nice idea, as long as everyone uses them. Unfortunately, freestanding shoe racks sometimes can't prevent your shoes from getting scuffed or soiled by other shoes.

One solution is Ikea's Komplement shoeboxes that sell for around $10 for a set of 4. These shoeboxes keep your shoes safe and have a clear front so that you can see which pair of shoes is inside.

If you prefer to keep your shoes inside that newly de-cluttered closet of yours, you can install Rubbermaid's Configurations Shoe Shelves. These angled shelves, which allow for easy viewing, sell for around $35.


Of course you can always go with the over-the-door shoe rack or the shoe racks that hang in the closet, right on the rod with your clothes.

Organizing Your Beauty Products

Between tubes of lipstick, curling iron cords and hairbrushes, it may seem impossible to bust up the beauty clutter that leaves you digging around for your favorite eye shadow or bobby pins every morning. Help add a sense of order to your daily beauty routine by getting a firm grip on where everything is at any given time.

Clear, vinyl shoe organizers that hang over the door can be used to hold some of your beauty products. This keeps them organized and with the clear pockets, allows for easy viewing. Even better, Axis International makes an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer for about $13. With the different compartments and great expandability feature you can organize your cosmetics with ease.


Achieving a Clean Work Space

Desks seem to have a magnetic pull that attracts clutter. Between papers and supplies, your desk can look like a bomb has gone off. Desk caddies are great organizing tools to keep everything in its place. You can also organize your desk with drawer organizers, tier desk trays and caddies.

Lipper makes a very nice organizer with its Lipper International Bamboo Space Saving Desk Organizer, priced around $40. It can easily store pads of paper, pens and has 2 small drawers where paperclips or other smaller items can be stored. Remember; a clean work space is a happy (productive) space!
Junk Drawer Clutter Busters

What home would be complete without a junk drawer? There is nothing wrong with having one; it's just that it does you no good if you can't find anything inside of it. Even a junk drawer can become organized with the right tools.


Most any drawer can be organized with a drawer organizer. Axis makes an expandable one, the Expandable Junk Drawer Organizer for around $22. Searching around a junk drawer can be a thing of the past if you compartmentalize everything.

Getting Your Papers in Order

How many times have you been sent scrambling for a missing utility bill, a recipe you found in a magazine or an old tax return? Magazine racks, letter holders, file folders and filing cabinets are all ways to keep paper clutter under control. Take advantage of these organizing and storage tools to keep your home from becoming a frustrating mess of loose papers.

Gramata Corp. has created an ingenious solution with its Wooden Mail Organizer, priced around $55. This tool allows you to organize your mail and store other items like keys, envelopes, stamps and pens. The great thing about this is that it can be freestanding or mounted on a wall.
Make Laundry Day a Breeze

If there is one thing that can pile up quickly, it's dirty clothes. You then have the option of one laundry basket or hamper that holds them all until you are ready to sort, or several baskets to keep things sorted. However the more baskets you have, the more cluttered it becomes.


Oré Originals has created a space saving answer that not only holds your dirty clothes but keeps them separated. It's the Oré Originals Hamper Tote. This oversized tote gives you a place to put your colors, darks and whites. It sells for around $40.

Clutter has a way of creeping back in. That's why the best way to bust clutter is to keep at it. Once you have de-cluttered and organized your home, you need to perform maintenance. Keeping up a clutter buster system consistently will help you to avoid falling into the same trap again.