Travel Games and Toys

No matter which method of travel you choose, a long trip can be more enjoyable if you bring along some travel games and toys. It helps to pass time, keep boredom at bay, interact with one another or just relax alone.


Travel Games and Toys for Babies

Traveling long distances with babies can be a challenge. They especially enjoy interacting so it's best to find games that will help them to do this with something interesting. Here are some ideas of toys, along with the average retail price:

Infantino Loopapalooza Toy ($18)

Max by HABA ($18)

Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic ($15)

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, Brown/ White ($24)

Manhattan Toy Car Seat Gallery ($15)

Crayola Beginnings Baby Drop and See ($32)

Family Favorites: Travel Games


Some of your favorite classical games are available in travel sizes. Now you can play your favorites on the road:

Scrabble Express and Scrabble Scramble to Go ($13 each) or Scrabble Folio Edition ($25) - Bonus; all of these Scrabble games promote reading, spelling and expanded vocabulary!

Travel Magnetic Chess Mini Set ($7)


3-in-1 Travel Magnetic Chess, Checkers, Backgammon ($13)

Boggle Folio ($30)

Yahtzee to Go Travel Game ($7)

Other Fun Family Travel Games

Here are some other fun family travel games that you might want to take along on your next trip:

Worst Case Scenario Game ($27) - In this fun "reality" game, each player is given a "worst case" (i.e. you're surfing when a shark approaches) and must choose how to best avoid disaster.

Rolit Travel ($17) - An easy-to-learn game for kids that are older than 3 years.

Snap TV Family Showdown Kids vs. Parents DVD Travel Game ($10) - A family trivia game covering 6 categories and more than 800 questions.

Pop the Pig Travel Game ($13) - The entire family can take a turn to see how much the pig can eat before his belly bursts!


Ten Days in the USA Game ($25) - Teach the kids about the geography of the United States with this travel-themed game.

Travel Games for Children

Here are some fun ideas of travel games for children:

Quoridor For Kids ($30)

Travel Etch a Sketch ($12)

Scavenger Hunt for Kids Travel Game ($10)

Travel Sequence ($10)

20 Questions Electronic Game ($15)

I Spy Memory Game Travel ($12)

Flip to Win Hangman Game ($13)

Travel Toys for Preschool Children


It can be especially difficult for preschool children to take a long trip. Here are some travel toys that are sure to keep them busy:

LeapFrog Tag Junior Storage Case ($15)

Thinkativity Soar and Explore Storyteller ($23)

Chicco Toys Talking Vacation Car ($38)

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Color Maze Puzzle ($17)

Alma's Designs My Quiet Book ($28)

Elmer's Education KinderReady Eric Carle Travel Scavenger ($11)


Travel Toys for Children

Children can be kept busy with the right travel toys. Here are some fun travel toys for children:

Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tote ($14) - With portable writing surface and storage.

Mattel X Games DVS Grind Case w/ Fingerboard Skateboard ($19)

Crayola Digital Camcorder Green With 2GB Accessory Bundle ($53)

Rubiks 360 Puzzle Ball ($20)

Friendship Wheel ($15) - Preteen girls can enjoy making friendship bracelets while on the road, away from her friends.

Travel Journals

There are other enjoyable and fun activities that you can do when traveling. Creating a travel journal or diary will keep everyone busy. If each person in the family keeps one, it helps to get everyone's perspective on the trip. Or you can choose to do a family travel journal together.

To make one, start with any type of spiral-bound notebook, preferably a sketch pad. You can also staple papers together or buy a fancy journal. With pencils, markers or crayons you can begin to document your trip. Keep track of the things you did and your favorite parts of the trip. You can also attach pictures or souvenirs to each page.

This is a great memory keeper that not only keeps everyone busy but is something special to look back on. It's interesting to hear the way everyone felt and how they saw things on the trip.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the family occupied and observant. This is something that needs to be prepared ahead of time. Each person is given a list of things to look for. Keep everyone's list different, so there is an opportunity for everyone to join in.


If you look at a map of your travels ahead of time, you will know of landmarks or historic sites that everyone can look for. Even if you don't know what to expect to see on a trip, you can write a list of some general things to look for, such as:

  • Farms
  • Grocery stores
  • Railroad tracks
  • Post offices
  • Movie theaters
  • Playground
  • Gas station

License Plate Lookout

Looking out for license plates from different states is another fun game to play when traveling. You can play this together as a family and have one person write down the states you see license plates from. Or you can play this individually, seeing at the end who found the most license plates from different states.

Other Travel Ideas


Of course you can always play the ever popular "I Spy" game, sing songs or tell stories. Ahead of time, you can come up with a list of questions that everyone takes turns answering. Questions can range from "what is your favorite color?" to "what is your best memory in the last year?" This is a great way to get to know one another better.

Another idea is to come up with questions that family members have to answer about other family members. For instance, one family member may need to say what they think another family's member favorite color is. This is a fun way to see who really knows each other.


Even long travels can be fun and enjoyable with the right travel games and toys. When packing for your next trip, don't forget to pack something to keep everyone busy!